Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

The person who Best answers this in this blog will win a Bonsai from the Tree master Keeper Neil…

add to this blog… I Need at least 100 comments to give the tree away…ask questions…get discussions started and by all means tell all your friends..

I will Pick one and publish…

Alternet Prize could be a totem or shampoo winner can Pick 🙂

Thanks…Lets get started



13 thoughts on “Bonsai

  1. That should have been send a bunch ( not a buck)….anyway Please know I will be sending out this 1st clue now…
    The way to find her is to know her…starting with her full mane…Carmen Isabella Sandiego…
    Anyone else think they Know\? or your all welcome to post a clue as well.


  2. Paradise island in the Bahamas. 🙂
    Great guess!!…maybe the best yet as she was seen there not that long ago working on her tan…lol
    But sorry not the correct place yet
    Remember To find her is to know her
    And she is a vey healthy multifaceted
    Lady…(clue)….great job keep guessing!

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